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Nationwide Casting Call

50 Days of Cannabis

We are looking for one actor in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. for a total of 51 actors. No restrictions on race or gender, but must be at least 18-years-old. We are looking for a great cross-section of Americans, so everyone is encouraged to respond to this casting call.

You will be required to present our 2-4 minute script explaining the current status of cannabis in your state as well as the associated laws, level of crime, and potential punishment if applicable. You must be able to memorize the details of our script, personalize the overall message, and present it in a friendly and conversational tone. We are looking for upbeat participants, even if your cannabis laws are more like Oklahoma’s than Colorado’s.

This is a compensated project for a nationwide cannabis awareness, education, and activism media network set to launch in January 2016. Final participants will have the details of this project, including information about compensation, fully disclosed upon selection. This project can be added to your reel.

Future opportunities exist for all participants should our need for your skills arise in your state. This could include such things as updates to the 50 Days of Cannabis project, or even as a local correspondent for our network in your state. You will be compensated for your time spent involved with any additional project.

Our requirements are absolute and will be verified. They include:

**Must be 18+. Actor Release and Non-disclosure Agreement must be signed by all final participants.

**Must have the ability to professionally record yourself in High Definition in any mutually agreed upon statewide setting. We are looking for creativity while maintaining a high level of professionalism. This will require you to have access to a good HD video/web camera. We will provide you with instructions for uploading video files to our cloud storage. Multiple takes are recommended (we’ll do the editing).

**Must be an active, daily participant on Twitter and Facebook. The launch of this network will be a social media event, and we require active social media accounts (which we will verify). Around the time our network launches, you will be asked to post prepared information about the network, the 50 Days of Cannabis project, and the promotion of your participation.

**Final participants must speak understandable English. We encourage ESL Americans to respond to this casting call.

**While we don’t require you to know anything about cannabis, it will be helpful if you’re at least familiar with its role in the current economic, political, and cultural debates in the United States.

We are starting immediately as the logistics of this project are extensive. For those of you who choose to respond to this casting call, please be prepared to link us to your previous work, or to otherwise demonstrate to us your acting abilities.

We can be reached at:


Twitter: @cNationChannel